Summit Begins: May 20, 2021

Dan deLuis

Stress reduction coach, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Wim Hof instructor

Keynote Speaker: Harnessing the Energy of Your Breath

Presentation Details:
Imagine having total control over how you feel and what you want from life! We only own two things that are with us through this life. Time and energy! How do you want to spend them? We are made of energy. Even science show us at the cellular level. 

In this presentation you will learn how to influence your energy through the most basic fundamental exercise you know. Your breath. You are allotted only so much energy per day. When we understand and become more conscious of ourselves through our breath, we begin to see the direct relationship our breathing has with our energy flow. Stress is a big issue when it comes to maintaining sufficient energy to get us through our day. A human that breathes better, feels better and becomes a better healer. 

Dan will teach you how your breath is the cornerstone of your health. You will learn multidisciplinary breath techniques to help you manage and steer your nervous system in the direction you want it to go. You will learn to retrain the breath and use it to regain control over your health and properly align your energy to help heal yourself and help heal others. Deep breath in... Let's begin!

In this presentation you'll discover...
  • Science of the breath and its role and effects on physiology and health. You will learn how the breath influences your mental and physical health. We unveil why we breathe poorly and how it is affecting us. Learn how to properly breathe and use it as a tool for self-healing and the healing others.
  • Learn how to use the breath as a tool that can be developed through training. Just like any muscle in the body. Help optimize your mind, enhance mental fitness and develop laser focus.
  • How to breathe properly and use techniques to immediately begin managing stress and sleep better.
  • The secret technique that will help you master meditation and mindfulness.
  • ​Explore several multidisciplinary breath techniques that will help you re-activate the body and minds innate intelligence allowing you to begin steering your nervous system to tap into the boundless energy within all of us.
  • Experience a short 10 minute guided breathwork session.
Meet Dan:
Dan de Luis is a breath work, mindfulness, meditation, yoga teacher and a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor. Dan started to explore breath work and yoga 16 years ago when he was struggling with chronic physical and mental health issues. His time spent living at an Indian ashram under the guidance of an Indian Guru helped him to quickly begin regaining control over several health issues. His depression, anxiety and chronic back pain started to dissipate in a truly short period of time.

After leaving the ashram, he began exploring every esoteric discipline and the science behind these ancient traditions. After 1000’s of hours of self-study and practice and over 20,000 hours of teaching breath work, meditation and yoga, he developed practices to quickly attain heightened states of awareness through breath. Allowing individuals to reach meditative states quickly, eliminating the countless hours necessary to sit quietly in meditation to attain this. This is great, because it allows you to hit the pause button in a world moving so fast; not everyone has the time or money to fly off to Tibet and live in a monastery.

Dan has taught his programs to 1000’s of individuals from various sectors including corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, military, correctional institutions, health care practitioners, professional athletes, various educational institutions, public and nonprofit sectors and many more. He has helped revive and sits on the board of FHST-Freeing the Human Spirit. A nonprofit organization that brings his and other types of wellness programs to prisons across Canada. Dan’s mission is to share these practices that have helped him regain control over his physical and mental well-being. It is everybody right to experience a life fulfilled and on their own terms.


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