Summit Begins: May 20, 2021

Barbara Evans

Leader in Vibrational Healing and award-winning Author, Artist and Spiritual Visionary

Featured Speaker: Creating A Pathway to Wholeness

Featured Presentation Details:

Discover a New Energy Healing approach that integrates easily and synergistically with Healing Touch and other energy healing modalities.

This new approach, based upon the synergy of Barbara’s unique high vibrational sacred geometry art, sound and crystals, holds the potential to take you, your clients/ patients, and your practice to new levels!

Experience Sacred Geometry in action as Barbara guides you through approaches which allow you to create energetic frequency shifts that will forever change your approach to energy healing. These simple to follow protocols empower you to grow your skills and practice, while significantly assisting your clients, including those who have stalled in their progression.

In this presentation you'll...
  • Explore the concept of Wholeness as a heightened state of Being, linked with the awakening and expression of our Full Potential.
  • Gain the understanding that Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe, holds frequencies that speak to us at energetic and cellular levels, raising our level of Consciousness and creating a pathway to Wholeness, Joy and Vibrant Health.
  • ​Explore how the beneficial impact of Sacred Geometry is enhanced by sound vibration, and how this synergy can be created and harnessed. 
  • ​Experience a series of simple guided attunements that can be used on a regular basis to clear and recalibrate the Biofield and Energetic Systems ~ Sacred Geometry in action!
  • ​Discover how exercises based on Rays of Creation Healing System provide a simple approach to awaken Wholeness through Healing, Joy and enhanced Spiritual Awareness.
Meet Barbara:
Barbara Evans is a leader in Vibrational Healing and award-winning Author, Artist and Spiritual Visionary. She is creator of the Art of Raising Frequency and the Rays of Creation Healing System™.

Barbara’s deep sense of Love for our Planet Earth fires a passion for finding a new way of living and being within the world… a way, based upon Wisdom, Love and Compassion, which supports Peace, Unity, Joy, Abundance and Vibrant Health.

Barbara began her spiritual development working with Energy, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and later Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. In 2003 her developing gifts came together in the creation of her first high vibrational painting, “Healing the Waters of the Earth”. With this, came the knowing that she had found her life purpose… to assist Humanity with the Raising of Frequency and Consciousness, using sacred geometry-based high vibrational art as a basis for new energy healing approaches.

Barbara creates energetic tools which provide beneficial energies to support an optimal, holistic healing environment, for both patients and caregivers. Her work is fast becoming recognized by Healing Centers and Healthcare Organizations.

Barbara is an experienced and accomplished teacher. She enjoys teaching others how to incorporate Art of Raising Frequency and Rays of Creation Healing System into their life and work in order to take their gifts and talents to new levels. This has led to the launch in 2021 of an Art of Raising Frequency Certification Program.

Barbara’s mission continues… to bring this profound work to the World.


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