Summit Begins: May 20, 2021

Rita Marr

Author, Trainer of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Teacher of Metaphysics, and Energy Healer. Founder of HeartMind Healing Academy.

Keynote Speaker: The Hara - All You Ever Wanted to Know

Keynote Presentation Details:

Rita will speak about her many years of research into the Hara Dimension of our energy system. Hara knowledge is so valuable because very few healers have been exposed to this level of healing work in an easily accessible way. If you, as a Healer, want to be working at the cutting edge of energy work be sure to join us.

Rita maintains that if we want lifelong prosperity, wellness, freedom from influence and manipulation, and the power to co-create, we must ensure we have functionally aligned Hara Lines. Simple as that. However, it is estimated that over 45% of the population are in need of repairs to their Hara Lines.

What are Hara Lines? The Hara Lines are specific pathways that allow power to flow through the body. They are the way we connect to the multidimensional universe. When these seven energetic pathways are not flowing at optimum levels, it affects our whole life. During the healing and re-connection process, it's like a switch is suddenly flipped inside and we are suddenly able to create health, happiness, success and abundance in our world.

In this presentation you'll discover...
  •  Insights into the Hara dimension and the Hara Lines
  •  Why it’s important that we include this energetic aspect in healing work
  • Why Rita calls the seven Hara Lines ‘The Seven Keys to Health, Harmony, Success and Abundance’  
  • ​Why it's important that we address Haric alignment and Haric repairs during healing
  • ​The structure of the Hara level of the energy system, name and function of each Hara Line 
  • ​ An introduction to the HeartMind Healing concept of creating instantaneous change in self and others by use of our 'inner re-cycling plant'
Meet Rita:
Rita Marr CCHyp, MPNLP, particularly known for her thirteen-year experiential research work into the Hara, has been professionally teaching workshops on three continents since 1996. She is the Founder of HeartMind Healing Academy - her legacy from the world of

Finding Truth, Finding Health: Toroids and Hara Lines 
– A Master Class for Healers and Lightworkers
By Rita Marr

The Hara Lines are little known, yet profoundly important, in terms of achieving health, purpose, abundance and well-being. Her unique work is leading edge and is described in her new book, Finding Truth, Finding Health, Toroids and Hara Lines, A Master Class for Healers and Lightworkers.


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